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An Experienced Equine Law Attorney in Pennsylvania Offers Sound Legal Guidance

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Owning a horse is a wonderful experience, but it can also involve a number of legal challenges. Individuals injured by your horse may sue, buyers and sellers may have disputes over the health of an animal and what it was ultimately worth, and jockeys and trainers may be wrongfully dismissed and need to fight against wrongful termination. At Gary R. Katz, Attorney at Law, our equine law attorneys have decades of experience handling these complicated matters throughout West Chester and the surrounding areas.

Navigating the complexities of equine law

If you own a horse or are involved in the equestrian field, you need to take certain legal considerations into account. These include:

  • Ownership contracts. Despite prices that can reach six figures, many horse purchases are handled without a contract — leaving buyers and sellers dangerously exposed if either side backs out of the deal. A formal contract can protect both sides of the sale in case of an illness or injury to the horse, or if the buyer is forced to back out for financial reasons.
  • Wrongful dismissal. Horse jockeys and trainers are protected by the same workplace laws as other employees, and may have a cause of action against an employer if he or she suffers     discrimination or harassment in the workplace, including wrongful termination issues.
  • Liability insurance. Some horse owners mistakenly believe that their homeowners insurance covers them if their horse injures someone. This is not always the case, so it may be wise to purchase additional liability insurance if you board these animals.

Kennett Square attorneys who handle a variety of equine legal issues

Our experienced equine law attorneys have worked with horse owners, jockeys and trainers for a wide range of legal challenges, including contract disputes, ownership conflicts and insurance cases. Very few lawyers in our region focus on this area of the law, so trust in us to deliver outstanding service and personal attention as we tackle your legal challenges together.

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